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You’ve made an incredible app but now users are requesting your product in multiple languages. How do you translate your app? The app translation process is a complicated one. It takes a lot of effort to develop a system for translating but the good news is that once you have a system in place it is much easier to scale up.There are many considerations that you must make when deciding to whether to localize your app. Which languages should you choose? Who should do you translations? We can help. Click here to get started.

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Improve your rankings in the app store by using our proven tips and tricks. We’re specialized and have experience driving millions of installs to some of the top apps on the market. Whether your app is listing in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Oppo, Samsung, or Xiaomi, we can help you to get live and optimized for new users.Getting high rankings in the app stores is important, but so is getting the right traffic to your app. All impressions and views are not equal. Proper optimization requires market analysis, understanding your competitors and most importantly being agile. Optimize your app store presence today!

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So you’ve done your ASO, but now you’d like to appeal to new users in another language. How do you localization your app store presence? The answer to this question depends on the platform. There are many different app stores on the market, varying greatly by country and audience size. If you’re an app of scale, you are likely to see the most success in Apple’s App Store of the Play Store by Google. Localizing for each platform is different and requires strict attention to detail. Learn how to localize your app store listings.

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Outsource the work you don’t want to do. Let the professionals do the work. Free up your precious time to work on other things while we simultaneously work on localizing your content and making it ready to take your company to the next level. Click here to find our about our project management services.

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Having content is one thing, but being found is another. How to rank in top search results is seemingly a mystery. At times it seems the search engines are too complicated to navigate and your site may never gain any traction. Find your niche, target proper keywords and compete with the best to rank higher in the search results pages (SERP) for revelant searches to your brand. Build an organic traffic base from web browsers. Increase your traffic today!

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In the digital age, content can spread across the world in seconds. But can it be universal understood in the same time? When creating videos either for your app, marketing campaigns or just general multimedia it is important to consider the case for adding subtitles to your video. Subtitles enable multilingual and diverse audiences to enjoy the same content with explanations they understand. Get started!

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Hello World. Truly one of the most epic phrases ever written. The significance of the phrase is only understood by those who can appreciate what its true meaning. In the digital world, you can expect your content to be global from day one. By creating a website, you are essentially giving the world access to your content. Don’t you want to make a good impression?Prepare your website for the global market by adding translations and localized content to it. Blogs, imagery, colors, maps, foods, terms are all just a few sampling of the many different categories of website localization.Translate your website now!